Master Alinassab

From TABRIZ, born in 1919, passed away in 2005 late professor Mir Mostafa Alinanasab was one of the new industry founders in IRAN. He who had a vast variety of economic researches, cleverness and quarrelsome too, in 30th, was one of the most credible Iranian merchant in field of importing Chinese crystal, flint glass and home appliances, with regarding to the mission of foreign products dependency corrupting, gave up his huge business and transferred all of his physical and spiritual funds in producing field. Inspite of all poverty and weakness in manufacturing know-how in IRAN, started to compete to British VALOR, which was one of the most powerful brand in those days, began to cook stove fabricating in a small courtyard at Buzarjomehri Street in Tehran.
It was so that footstone of Alinassab oil and gas producing industry with the mission of manufacturing some part of Iranian families required home appliances erected. Simultaneously with oil nationalization campaign this effort took place, at the same time, increasing of oil consuming could support the industry symbolic and effective so that based on Dr Mohammad Mosaddegh’ decision was supposed to turning on an oily Samovar always boiling in the council as a symbol of struggling to British colonialism.
In later years factories under Alinassab management could register some inventions in field of home appliances at the same time of relying to its innovating and dynamic managers, diligent and grubber supervisors and labors for the first time produce and distribute to the farthest points of country according to Iranian consumers tact and culture.
Professor Mir Mostafa Alinanasab broke bans in some other industries, so since most of cardboards consumption imported from foreign countries, the Gentleman felt should do the other effort to corrupt dependency in this industry too, and so as no investor did not risk in the cardboard industry, founded Mihan Card boarding company in order to Ayatollah Taleghani insisting and emphasis. A company which was believed by many ideas would be a lost one in competent to foreign competitors very soon. But Professor Mir Mostafa Alinanasab kept the company and developed it, and even after the firing of company and destroyed totally by the reason of falling an aero plane in the factory area, he could revive the company in a greater area with more modern equipment and started producing again so that it’s still one of the most famous brands in this industry in IRAN.
professor Mir Mostafa Alinanasab in addition to be active in industry part, had an active presence in country historical turning points and decisive amongst oil industry nationalization, Islamic revolution struggles and eight years of holy defend and had an important role in economic politics formulation and could present to country valuable services. Although professor Alinassab’s economic knowledge was used in various economic circles amongst central bank before revolution, but to experts and involved affirmation, his role in all after revolution first decade governments was unmatched and incomparable for keeping country of war and sanctions. He who was invited as revolution council economic consultant by his old friends, late Ayatollah Taleghani, late engineer Bazargan, late engineer sahabi, started his worthy services in revolution current, as a devotee soldier inspite of caducity, up to the end of imposed war withdrew of his own business and comfortably and almost day and night and under various titles handled effective services in economic fields regardless to any political exploitation and affectation which description has been resounded and reviewed by various aspects in various papers.
He who was a close friend of great scholar Mohammad Taghi jafari, Dr. Ayatollah Beheshti, great scholar Mohammad Reza Hakimi, Authority Special disciples specially in Ayatollah Borujerdi era, consistently counted as a financial and intellectual supporter of the most important national, religious, cultural and scientific currents. Alinassab, during his blessed life, with some of his sympathetic could found in deprived rural areas various clinic and schools.