In 1942, founded Alinassab manufacturing company by late professor Mir Mostafa Alinanasab with the mission of producing a part of oil-burner home appliances required by Iranian families. It was generally in British company monopoly before, the market of home appliances especially cooking burners and heating ones, which inspite of restricted condition of the time of oil industry nationalization struggles, late founder efforts and exotic management behind hard competent and foreign companies challenges and simultaneously with entrepreneurship and creating jobs in society founded a suit bed for creativity and innovation. Alinassab could register some inventions in field of home appliances at the same time of relying to its innovating and dynamic managers, diligent and grubber supervisors and labors for the first time produce and distribute to the farthest points of country according to Iranian consumers tact and culture.
Alinassab products’ quality, diversity and safety, IRAN’s people interesting to consume Iranian product as well concluded that a Alinassab’s product be at least one of the Iranian home appliances in a very short period.