Human Resource:
Dominant Organization Culture in company based on its late founder beliefs recognizes human resource as its main assets as far as founded, so believes that company growth and improperness depends on human resource continuous enabling and excellence which directs to satisfaction, as well contribution and faithfulness.

Anytime which started Alinassab to produce a new product, has presented a new accomplishment in direction to provide convenience, comfortably and quality for Iranian families. Sixty years of honestly serve and commitment to business values and worthy principles has been concluded in main beneficiary confidence and proud to the honor of precise and perceptive customers’ highest satisfaction and confident in home appliances field and has never lost it.

Implying more than seventy hydraulic and impact presses, Alinassab manipulates its products forming and cutting operations and feeds its final product assembly lines through welding, polishing, plating and covering which are responsible for finalizing of required parts. Tool making machineries in molding dep. and advanced laboratory equipment’s in physics, chemistry, measuring tool calibrating, industry waste purify system, raw material and final products warehouses are the other facilities.

Inspite of geographical distance all Alinassab departments are connected together through internet network and aggregate software and by developing these facilities expedite better services to the other colleagues and customers as well.